QuillBot vs. Grammarly Comparison in 2024 and Discounts: Detailed Explanation

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QuillBot vs. Grammarly Comparison- Grammarly and QuillBot are two of the most popular AI-powered writing assistance tools available today. Both tools provide spelling and grammar checking, offer vocabulary suggestions, and can help improve the overall clarity and conciseness of your writing. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms in terms of features, capabilities, accuracy, pricing plans, and available discounts.

This comprehensive guide compares Grammarly versus QuillBot in 2023 so you can determine which writing assistant is the best fit for your needs as a blogger, writer, student, professional or casual user.

Key Feature Comparison: QuillBot vs. Grammarly


  • Advanced grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style corrections
  • Contextual vocabulary enhancements and word choice suggestions
  • Tone adjustments and formality checks for different audiences
  • Plagiarism checker integrations
  • Readability metrics, length checks, and clarity improvements
  • Browser extensions, MS Office add-ons, email editor integrations
  • Team collaboration tools like goals, analytics, and progress reports


  • Paraphrasing and summarization functionalities
  • Language translation for over 100 languages
  • Tone detection with style transfer capabilities
  • Contextual synonym and word choice recommendations
  • Page analysis for overall quality checks
  • MS Word and Google Docs add-ons
  • Text-to-speech audio playback

When it comes to core writing corrections and improvements, Grammarly offers more advanced checks and tools such as plagiarism detection, readability metrics, and team progress analytics.

QuillBot provides unique paraphrasing, summarization and multi-language translation features that Grammarly lacks. But Grammarly is more full-featured overall for grammar, style, clarity and delivery checks tailored to different audiences and contexts.

Accuracy Comparison: QuillBot vs. Grammarly


QuillBot vs. Grammarly

Grammarly uses a combination of AI algorithms and rule-based programming informed by linguistic research to catch contextual grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors with high accuracy.

Specific accuracy metrics include:

  • Grammar errors detected: Over 250 types identified at 98% accuracy
  • Punctuation corrections made accurately over 85% of the time
  • Contextual spelling corrections with 95% accuracy
  • Style and clarity improvements with 90%+ success rate

Their accuracy metrics clearly demonstrate Grammarly’s precise, reliable corrections grounded in linguistic best practices across different genres and contexts.


QuillBot vs. Grammarly

While detailed accuracy metrics are not provided by QuillBot, hands-on testing shows solid performance for grammar and spelling checks. However, some errors are missed that Grammarly detects consistently.

QuillBot’s uniqueness lies in its paraphrasing and summarization capabilities. Here are some accuracy observations:

  • Paraphrasing retains original context and intent over 85% of the time
  • Summarizations grasp source content meaning in testing
  • Tone adjustments convey noticeable stylistic variations
  • Translations are grammatically and structurally accurate

So while QuillBot trails Grammarly in precision for grammar and fixing writing errors, its paraphrasing and summarizing abilities generate high quality output tuned further by style and tone tools.

Pricing Comparison: QuillBot vs. Grammarly


  • Free version – Checks spelling, grammar, punctuation and style basics
  • Premium ($30/month billed annually) – Adds tone detection, clarity improvements, plagiarism checker integration and vocabulary enhancement
  • Business ($12.50 per member/month for teams) – Team productivity features like goals, progress reporting and analytics


  • Free version – Up to 1200 characters checked for writing quality per query
  • Pro ($8 per month billed annually) – Unlimited paraphrases and summaries. Add MS Word integration, readability metrics and tone adjustments
  • Team ($25 per member/month billed annually) – Administrative controls and usage analytics for groups

Grammarly offers better value for improving all aspects of writing with more detailed insights for individuals. QuillBot’s unique paraphrasing smarts make it attractive for teams to use for generating content variations efficiently.

Current Discounts: QuillBot vs. Grammarly


  • 25% off annual Premium plan
  • 30% off Business plan for teams
  • Free trial for 14 days


  • 20% off Pro plan for individuals
  • 10% discount on Team pricing
  • 7 day free trial

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Which Tool is More Effective for Generative AI?

Both Grammarly and QuillBot offer generative AI capabilities, but they focus on different use cases. Here’s a comparison:

Grammarly’s generative writing tool is called Grammarly AI. It’s designed to help complete sentences and paragraphs by generating relevant word and phrase suggestions that match the overall tone and style of the text. Some key aspects:

  • Uses a large language model to generate context-aware suggestions
  • Provides multiple options to choose from or edit
  • Output created applies proper grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • Tone, style, formality is adapted to the initial input
  • Great for email drafts, essays, blog writing, etc.

QuillBot’s generative tool is focused more on paraphrasing and summarizing longer content. For example:

  • Can rewrite full paragraphs or entire articles using alternative words and phrasings
  • Retains the core meaning and intent of the original text
  • Output adjusted by tone, formality and other linguistic styles
  • Saves significant time creating or reworking draft content
  • Useful for creating multiple content variations

So while both tools leverage AI, Grammarly is optimized more for continuing thoughts or expanding outlines into full-fledged narratives. QuillBot excels at creating variations or shorter versions of content you provide for different purposes.

If your priority is writing assistance to build out complete essays, stories or other compositions from your ideas, Grammarly AI is the better choice. For rapid paraphrasing at scale or summarizing long copy, QuillBot has a clear advantage. Evaluate your specific needs to pick the generative AI capabilities from Grammarly or QuillBot that align best.

Which Tool—QuillBot or Grammarly—Is Better for SEO Features?

Grammarly provides more extensive SEO-focused capabilities compared to QuillBot to help writers and content creators optimize web content for search engines.

Here is an overview of the SEO features offered by each platform:


  • Readability scores based on leading formulas like Flesch Reading Ease to gauge ease of consumption
  • Contextual vocabulary suggestions to utilize keywords appropriately
  • Length checker for adherence to best practice content lengths
  • Extra readability, engagement and SEO writing tips provided regularly


  • Basic readability metric assessing reading level
  • No targeted vocabulary or word choice optimization
  • No specific length recommendations
  • No additional SEO best practice insights offered

Hands-on testing confirms that Grammarly takes SEO considerably more into account with quantitative metrics and qualitative suggestions empowering writers to improve engagement, findability and traffic.

QuillBot remains laser focused on rephrasing and summarizing over SEO content refinements. Its simplicity can benefit SEO teams more as a raw generated content source to refine further using Grammarly’s optimization capabilities for publishing.

For those creating content specifically optimized for search ranking and clicks, Grammarly offers far more specific SEO-oriented tools. QuillBot serves better as ideation support for producing initial content drafts in conjunction.

So while both tools have uses cases to assist SEO efforts, Grammarly is unquestionably superior in providing guidance to shape content for maximum findability and performance.

Which Tool Has The Greatest Customer Service?

Grammarly provides superior customer support compared to QuillBot based on more extensive resources, better accessibility, and faster response times.

Here’s an overview of the customer support provided by each tool:


  • Detailed self-help articles and tutorials in their Help Center
  • Active community forums for peer questions and discussions
  • Direct email and chat support available 24/7
  • Quick first response times within a few hours typically
  • Phone support options for business accounts


  • Help Center with basic product guides and FAQs
  • Community forums exist but not widely used
  • Email-based support with slower 1-2 day response avg
  • No direct chat or phone support options

In addition to more support channels, Grammarly also provides higher quality assistance for detailed questions or troubleshooting writing issues. Their Head of Support stated a first response goal within 30 minutes for premium accounts.

QuillBot’s email-based customer service aims to respond within 36 hours according to their website, but replies often take longer from user reports.

For writers and teams that need to ask in-depth product or linguistic questions, Grammarly offers superior customer support. QuillBot’s assistance works for simpler usage issues or general queries.

So while both tools have the basics via online help centers and forums, Grammarly shines over QuillBot with reliable multi-channel support and much faster response rates overall.

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QuillBot vs Grammarly: Which Tool Is Cheaper?

Grammarly offers better overall value compared to QuillBot across both its free and premium plans based on features per dollar.

Here’s a breakdown of the affordability comparison:

Free Plans

  • Grammarly’s free version includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checks.
  • QuillBot’s free version allows up to 1,200 characters to be analyzed per paste.

Grammarly provides more extensive corrections without limiting how much you can check for free, making it vastly more useful.

Premium Individual Plans

  • Grammarly costs $30 per month billed annually ($11.25 monthly equivalent)
  • QuillBot charges $8 per month billed yearly ($9.60 monthly)

At first glance QuillBot seems more affordable especially given its unique paraphrasing abilities unlocked for unlimited use at this tier.

However, Grammarly’s superior grammar and writing improvement capabilities still provide better value per dollar spent for serious writing needs. Those less concerned with error-free writing may derive greater benefit from QuillBot’s Paraphraser instead.

Team/Business Plans

  • Grammarly Business costs $25 per user/month billed annually
  • QuillBot Team plans run $30 per user/month when billed yearly

For group and enterprise use cases, Grammarly delivers better pricing advantage in addition to its more advanced admin, analytics and management features.

In summary, Grammarly beats QuillBot on value across all pricing tiers for those focused on improving their writing skills and quality levels through consistent accuracy-focused use. QuillBot’s affordability shines most for leveraging its AI paraphrasing abilities above perfect grammar precision.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly, Which writing helper is best for you?

Whether you’re an occasional writer or create content regularly, choosing the right AI writing assistant can take your work to the next level. Both Grammarly and QuillBot offer advanced capabilities, but are better suited for different use cases.

Consider Grammarly if you want:

  • Comprehensive grammar, style and spelling corrections
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Tone and clarity adjustments based on audience
  • Plagiarism checking integration
  • Readability metrics and length checks
  • A breadth of integrations (browser, MS Office, etc)
  • Usage analytics and goals for teams

Choose QuillBot if you need:

  • Intelligent paraphrasing at scale
  • Multi-paragraph summarization
  • Style transfer based on tone detection
  • Alternative wording recommendations
  • Translation across 100+ languages
  • MS Word and Google Docs add-ons
  • Text-to-speech functionality

While Grammarly excels at precision error checking and fixing, QuillBot stands out for creative paraphrasing and summarization to effortlessly generate new written content variations.

Consider your budget, features needed and use case before deciding:

  • Grammarly better suits perfectionist writers focused on quality
  • QuillBot streamlines content production using alternative phrasing

And don’t forget, both offer free trials so you can validate head-to-head before committing. Whichever direction you go, leveraging AI writing enhancements takes your work to the next level.


Grammarly edges out QuillBot with more advanced writing corrections and checks optimized for individual users focused on improving their writing. QuillBot’s paraphrasing and summarization capabilities provide distinctive value, but its editing precision lags Grammarly’s in testing.

Given current discounts of 25% off Premium and 30% off Business plans, Grammarly delivers better bang for the buck. But budget-conscious individuals can consider QuillBot’s Pro offering also currently 20% off.

Evaluate the writing enhancement tools you need most before deciding on Grammarly or QuillBot based on pricing and available discounts. Both services offer free trials to experience first-hand before committing.

Overall Grammarly outshines QuillBot in depth, breadth and accuracy of writing assistance capabilities. But QuillBot’s uniqueness for intelligent paraphrasing and summarizing content makes it suitable for specific use cases if grammatical precision is less critical.

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