How to Get Google News Approval for Your Website in 2024

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If you don’t know how to get Google News approval for your website, then this article will be very helpful for you in 2024.

For many bloggers, getting their website approved on Google News is a coveted achievement. The platform drives significant traffic, so inclusion can boost a site’s readership and revenue. However, meeting Google’s standards is challenging, especially for beginners who haven’t mastered on-page optimization.

The most common rejection reasons involve subpar design elements and content quality. If your logo appears unprofessional or your writing is lackluster, you’ll likely fail to meet eligibility requirements. However, by honing your approach in key areas, you can set your application up for success.

The first step is developing a polished, high-resolution site logo befitting of a news publication. Invest time into crafting an on-brand image that elevates your perceived legitimacy. Additionally, ensure that every piece of content published exceeds Google’s benchmarks for depth, accuracy, and readability. Offer a diverse range of news spanning different categories, headlines optimized for SEO, and a clean site architecture.

By pairing an engaging format with optimized brand assets and articles, aspiring bloggers can overcome initial application hurdles. This guide outlines fixes for deficiencies that often thwart first-time Google News applicants. Make these changes, and your next submission attempt will be far more likely to earn that coveted approval.

What is Google News?

Google News is a news aggregation service developed by Google. It presents a continuous flow of links to articles organized from thousands of news sources and allows users to see a headline, a snippet from the article, and images or videos relating to the news item.

Some key things to know about Google News:

  • Algorithmic Selection: Articles that appear on Google News are selected and ranked by algorithms. The goal is to show the most relevant and high-quality news stories for users’ queries or interests.
  • Automated Aggregation: Google News crawls thousands of news sources from major publications to smaller regional sites and aggregates story links. Publishers don’t manually submit to Google News.
  • Diverse Content: Google News brings together news articles on every topic imaginable – politics, business, technology, sports, entertainment, and more from sources across the ideological spectrum.
  • Available Globally: The platform exists in more than 125 countries and 60 languages, personalizing news depending on a user’s location and preferences.
  • News Snippets: Along with headlines, Google News shows a snippet of text and sometimes images from each article to allow users to quickly preview content before clicking through.

How Google News Works

Here’s a quick overview of how Google News works:

Crawling & Indexing

  • Google News uses an automated program called a “crawler” that constantly browses news sites and feeds looking for new content to index.

Editorial & Algorithmic Curation

  • Both algorithms and editorial policies work together to determine which articles appear for different queries. Location, search history, and publisher trust also factor in.

Grouping & Sorting

  • Similar articles on the same topic are algorithmically grouped together. Content is sorted by factors like publication date, relevance, citation counts, and publisher authority.

Machine Learning

  • Google News employs the latest AI and machine learning advancements to better understand content, detect trends, surface timely & relevant results, and combat fake news.

Snippets & Summarization

  • Short snippets and summaries are automatically created from articles to give users quick previews before clicking through to the full piece.


  • Website owners can optimize their content to better align with Google News’ policies and help their articles gain visibility in relevant keyword searches.

Advertising & Monetization

  • Publishers can monetize traffic through Google AdSense as well as promote their best content as ads directly in Google News search results.

Why It’s Important to Get Approved as a Google News Site

There are a few key reasons why it’s important for news publishers to get their websites approved as Google News sources:

  1. Increased Traffic – Being featured in Google News search results can drive massive amounts of referral traffic to your site from organic searches. News sites rely heavily on search traffic, so Google News inclusion is very valuable.
  2. Higher Ad Revenue – The traffic boost also leads directly to higher ad revenue and earnings for publishers. Displaying Google AdSense units is a key monetization method. More pageviews mean more ad impressions and clicks.
  3. Greater Brand Awareness & Readership – Getting your news articles displayed prominently alongside major outlets also dramatically grows awareness of your brand over time. Readers see you as a credible news source.
  4. SEO Ranking Factor – While not officially confirmed, being a Google News source seems to act as a positive ranking signal for non-news-related organic searches as well. So it can improve SEO visibility site-wide.
  5. Competitive Parity – In the fast-paced news industry, it’s essential to place content widely in front of readers wherever they may be searching. If rivals are in Google News and you aren’t, you lose out on audience share.

The bottom line is that being a verified, trusted member of Google News offers online publishers significant visibility, traffic, and monetization upsides that impact overall growth and success tremendously.

10 Tips for Getting Google News Approval for Your Website

How to Get Google News Approval
How to Get Google News Approval

Here are 10 tips for getting your website approved on Google News:

  1. Create a dedicated news site – Don’t apply with your blog. Google wants news sites that exclusively publish original, timely news content.
  2. Choose a brandable domain name – Pick a news-oriented domain that builds authority and trust. Avoid hyphenated or overly long names.
  3. Develop a clean, professional design – Invest in a polished, visually appealing site design that signals legitimacy.
  4. Implement responsive layouts – Ensure your site is easily viewable across all devices. Mobile optimization is a must.
  5. Produce daily news coverage – Publish at least 5-10 new articles per day spanning multiple news categories.
  6. Focus on quality over quantity – Well-researched original reporting is a must. Avoid aggregating or rewriting content.
  7. Incorporate multimedia – Use images, videos, graphics, and other engaging elements in your news stories.
  8. Employ proper metadata – Include bylines, timestamps, geotags, and structured data on all articles.
  9. Build external links – Earn high-quality links and local newspaper citations to bolster credibility.
  10. Closely follow guidelines – Rigorously adhere to all policies around content, transparency, and technical requirements.

By dedicating yourself to publishing stellar news content daily and optimizing for Google’s stringent policies, you can eventually gain that coveted spot on Google News.

How to Submit for Website to Get a Google News Approval

Getting approved by Google News takes effort. But following these steps will set you on the path to publication:

  1. Build your site. To qualify for inclusion on Google News, you must have an established news site—not a blog—that publishes daily original journalism (not just commentary) broken up into categories.
  2. Submit content to Google Search Console. This helps Google index, validate, and rank pages. Configure relevant metadata like titles, descriptions, and tags too.
  3. Meet Publisher Center qualifications. Sign up for the Publisher Center and thoroughly complete the questionnaire to avoid rejection.
  4. Submit your application through the Publisher Center. Submit samples of your site’s news coverage in multiple categories. Highlight compliance with their guidelines. Emphasize journalism quality, regular publishing, proper formatting, and fast loading times.
  5. Choose suitable ad formats, like text ads only. Don’t put overtly promotional materials on news pages.
  6. Insert structured data on articles. Use Schema markup so Google understands the content better. Include bylines, locations, dates, etc.
  7. Build links from industry publications. High-quality news links boost your domain’s authority.
  8. Improve technical site components. Eliminate errors or intrusive interstitials that violate policies. Optimize site speed.

Reapplying after rejection may eventually lead to success. But carefully following these guidelines from the start improves approval odds tremendously.

Your website needs to have all the above information and if not then getting approved on Google News is a bit difficult. Through each instruction given below, you will be told how to submit your website to a Google publisher account.

Besides, how to make your logo will be given in detail, according to this, you will submit your website to Google Public Sir Account, and then there will be most chances. Your website will get approved in Google News and you can convert a lot of traffic from Google News to your website.

Getting Approved on Google News: Step-by-Step Guide

Optimize for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial if you want your website to rank higher in Google and drive more traffic. Optimizing makes your site more visible in searches compared to competitors. Some key optimization techniques include: using relevant keywords, improving website code efficiency, and building credibility over time. Applying SEO best practices will not only help you rank better for news-related queries but also establish authority across all search results.

Publish Fresh, Original Content Daily

To get on Google News, you need to frequently publish new articles – ideally daily. Focus on creating original analysis or commentary rather than aggregating from other outlets. Cover emerging topics readers care about by checking Google Trends. This shows Google your commitment to fresh content worthy of high search rankings.

Provide Publisher & Author Information

Google wants news sites that demonstrate reliability and accountability. Make sure publisher details and author bios are readily available on articles. Prominent sites like ESPN do this, proving the credibility of their reporting. This transparency is key for news sites to establish authority in Google’s eyes.

Google News Producer & The Publisher Center

After optimizing your site and content, the next step is getting approved as a Google News source. There are two main options:

Google News Producer

The Google News Producer is a free tool that lets you create a content feed from your website to potentially surface articles in Google News. You can import published content, add visuals, and optimize elements – improving visibility.

Publisher Center

The Publisher Center helps you manage news sites with Google. First, get your site approved in Google Search Console. Then in the Publisher Center, you can update site details, categorize content, and adjust article presentation in News search results.

While major outlets like NYTimes and BBC have prime positioning, getting listed in the Publisher Center can benefit newer, lesser-known sites.


Whether or not you utilize the News Producer or Publisher Center, creating a Sitemap can optimize discovery. Sitemaps outline all URLs/pages on your site for Google’s crawler bot. This helps the algorithm accurately index and connect internal pages – increasing the chances of being featured.

It’s important to note that even quality sites may not make Google News if they don’t meet all guidelines. However, rejected sites can still appear for regular keyword searches – just not in the dedicated News vertical.

By taking these optimization steps, publishers have the best shot at potentially being successfully approved as a Google News partner.

Google News Publisher Console Functionalities

The Google News Publisher Center offers several key features to help sites get approved:

Basic Site Information

You can provide publisher details, author bios, and contact info to demonstrate transparency.

Content Feeds

Directly submit article feeds, URLs, and videos to surface in the Google News app. Content must align with guidelines.


Confirm ownership of your domain and content through Google’s verification process before seeking approval.


Activated and approved sites can display Google AdSense banner ads to earn from their News traffic.

Branding Customization

Upload a logo and brand assets to customize the visual presentation of your content within News search results.

Pre-Launch Review

The platform lets you thoroughly review your submitted information, check for any blocking issues, and publish your feed to officially seek inclusion in Google News.

By leveraging these management features during the application process, publishers can put their best foot forward in meeting eligibility standards for becoming a verified Google News partner.

Benefits of Google News Approval

Getting approved for Google News can provide several key benefits for publishers:

Increased Traffic – Being featured in Google News results pages and snippets leads to substantial direct traffic growth thanks to enhanced discoverability and prominence in searches. News sites generally see sizable readership bumps.

Higher Ad Revenue – With expanded reader reach typically comes more ad impressions and engagement. Publishers can generate much higher ad earnings with premium Google News inventory versus regular organic traffic.

Improved Brand Awareness – Inclusion in a highly authoritative news platform like Google News boosts brand visibility and lends credibility. Readers perceive approved sites as more reputable sources of information.

Indexing Boost – There is evidence showing verified Google News domains garner advantages when it comes to main search engine indexing and ranking for competitive news-related keywords.

Enhanced Data Insights – Google provides approved partners with detailed analytics reporting containing demographics, traffic patterns, popular content, and more to inform strategy.

Monetization Options – Publishers get access to various monetization features like flexible paywalls, contributed content, and subscription models to help maximize revenue.

The legitimacy and reach Google News delivers substantially accelerate audience scaling and money-making capabilities for accepted publications. The perks associated with verification make the effort involved in applying very worthwhile.

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Final Words: How to Get Google News Approval

Here are some final tips for getting your news website approved by Google News:

Strive for excellence. Getting into Google News requires high-quality, original reporting and storytelling that engages readers. Set a very high bar for your content quality and fact-checking processes from day one.

Have patience. The approval process can take some time as Google closely evaluates many signals like content freshness, site design, layout, advertiser policies and more. Don’t get discouraged if it takes weeks or months to get a decision back.

Promote your content. While waiting for approval, keep focus on building your readership through social media marketing, SEO optimization, and earned media outreach campaigns. More site traffic and links to your stories will catch Google’s eye.

Stay up-to-date. Google’s news policies and machine learning models continuously evolve. So read up on their latest algorithm updates, requirements, and testing tools to ensure your site stays compliant for the long haul.

See the bigger picture. Even if you ultimately don’t get added to Google News, the recommendations here around optimizing site architecture, regularly publishing evergreen analyses, and crafting shareable stories will still help strengthen your publication and grow your outlet.

Getting recognized as an authoritative Google News source is a huge milestone. But remember that informing and engaging people – not algorithms – is what quality journalism is all about. Let that purpose drive your work.

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