Best Ad Network for New Bloggers for Six-Figure Blogging Revenue in 2024

By Bhargab
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Best Ad Network for New Bloggers: Are you a new blogger looking to monetize your low-traffic site? Getting approved by top ad networks like Google AdSense can be challenging, even if you have unique content. AdSense has strict requirements beyond quality content before approving sites.

Small blogs often struggle with getting approved by AdSense right away. But there are other great ad networks out there for new bloggers and small publishers.

With so many ad networks to choose from, it’s crucial to find trustworthy ones – some shady networks refuse payments even after bloggers reach minimum payout thresholds.

The good news is, that I’ve outlined ten friendly, reliable advertising platforms perfect for small or new blogs just starting with monetization. While AdSense remains a top choice for many, these alternatives can help you earn revenue even if you haven’t hit AdSense’s initial approval criteria.

As a new blogger myself, discovering these ad networks was invaluable, and they can serve as a goldmine for other small publishers getting started. The options provide quality ads and respectable minimum payouts, unlike networks with a reputation for cheating bloggers out of earnings.

If you’re a new or aspiring blogger wondering how to monetize a tiny but growing audience, these networks should be on your radar. You can start earning without needing hundreds of thousands of page views per month.

10 Best Ad Network for New Bloggers (Fast Approved):

Best Ad Network for New Bloggers
Best Ad Network for New Bloggers

1. Monetag

Monetag is an advertising network ideal for beginner and intermediate website owners looking to monetize traffic. No technical skills are required to start earning – simply sign up, verify your site, and implement your ad tag in just a few clicks.

Once the tag is placed, Monetag will automatically display high-performing text and image ads tailored to your audience. With competitive CPM rates ranging from $8-$10 per 1,000 impressions, it’s easy to start earning. The minimum payout is only $5.

Key benefits of Monetag include:

  • AdBlock bypass to maximize impressions
  • Fast approval and activation
  • Unobtrusive ad units
  • Compatible with other monetization platforms
  • 24/7 customer support

The only main downside is that Monetag does not work with adult traffic sites.

With multiple payout options like Payoneer and WebMoney, user-friendly setup, and top-paying formats, Monetag simplifies making money from websites for traffic owners at any level. Simply integrate their smart auto-optimization technology and watch the earnings roll in.

Whether supplementing existing monetization or kickstarting a new site, Monetag takes the guesswork out of maximizing CPM returns. If you have an audience and want hands-off results, their set-it-and-forget-it approach is worth exploring.

2. PopAds

PopAds is a premium pop-under ad network founded in 2010. Unlike many networks, PopAds has no minimum traffic requirements, making it accessible for smaller publishers to get started.

Once signed up, publishers can enable auto-withdrawals to receive payments automatically upon hitting the $5 minimum payout threshold. Earnings are competitive as well – PopAds promises 100% fill rates and high CPMs compared to other pop networks.

Key advantages include:

  • Lucrative CPM rates relative to competitors
  • No minimum visitors or impressions required
  • Low $5 minimum payout
  • Automatic withdrawals to PayPal/Payoneer

The main potential drawback is that currently PopAds only supports PayPal and Payoneer for payments.

However, for new website owners and small publishers seeking hands-off monetization, PopAds delivers on maximizing earnings. With accommodating approval terms, strong fill rates, and reliable payments, PopAds reduces friction to earning from websites.

The focus on high-converting pop-under ads and automated payouts also minimizes the effort small publishers need to spend on administration and optimization with other networks. As far as set-it-and-forget-it monetization goes for low and mid-tier traffic sites, PopAds is a strong contender to consider.

3. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is a unique performance marketing network that pays publishers only when users take a specific action, not per click or impression.

The platform allows advertisers to promote offers requiring user information, such as name and email. As the publisher, you place the Revenue Hits’ ad code on your site. When a visitor clicks the ad unit and completes the associated action, like submitting their details, you earn a bounty between $10-$50.

Key Aspects of Revenue Hits:

  • Lucrative $10-$50 bounties per completed action
  • $20 minimum payout threshold
  • Instant approval and activation for sites
  • Multiple payment methods are available

With no minimum traffic requirements, Revenue Hits is accessible even to smaller publishers. And with their high action payouts, some publishers earn $10 to $100+ daily.

Standout benefits include:

  • Much higher payouts than CPM/CPC models
  • Lower minimum payment threshold
  • Fast and seamless approval process
  • Quality support team

The only potential drawback is that earnings are tied directly to users completing post-click actions rather than passive impressions. But for publishers comfortable promoting various offers, Revenue Hits delivers big rewards.

If you have traffic and want to maximize revenue from conversions and lead generation, Revenue Hits is a one-of-a-kind network worth exploring. The large payouts per action can add up much quicker than incremental pennies per click or thousand impressions.

Infolinks is a top monetization platform catering to bloggers both large and small. Their unique approach turns your existing keywords into high-value clickable ads without cluttering layouts with banners.

Rather than manually placing and optimizing units, Infolinks scans your content. It then seamlessly converts certain terms into contextual text-based links. When visitors click these less obtrusive blended ads, you earn revenue.

Beyond in-text links, Infolinks offers publishers additional options:

  • Interstitial ads between pageviews
  • Standard image ads
  • Sticky horizontal banners
  • Vertical sidebars to fill whitespace

Signup is straightforward – simply enter your site URL, email, and password. Approval is fast as well – I received my account verification just 20 minutes after registering.

The self-serve dashboard lets you monitor performance and earnings with minimal effort. One standout feature – Infolinks provides the option to receive payments directly via bank transfer.

Key advantages:

  • Innovative and reader-friendly in-text links
  • Intuitive earnings tracking
  • Bank payouts available globally

Potential downsides:

  • $50 minimum payout threshold
  • Dated admin interface
  • Limited ad targeting control

For qualified sites, Infolinks provides a set-it-and-forget-it route to substantial passive revenue with little upkeep. Between seamless approval, global payment options, and automated high-value ads, Infolinks checks all the boxes for fuss-free monetization.

5. Monumetric

Monumetric (formerly The Blogger Network) has been a game-changer for amplifying my ad revenue. By switching from AdSense, I’ve increased earnings by over 1000% with their sponsored post marketplace.

Monumetric connects publishers to an extensive advertiser base seeking native-style sponsored posts. After an initial consultation call to understand your goals, their team custom-matches high-paying, relevant brands to your niche and audience.

Rather than optimizing cumbersome display units, you simply integrate sponsored posts directly into your content flow. This format performs exceptionally well, simultaneously providing value to readers and premium payouts.

I share my full success story and specifics in a dedicated Monumetric review article. But in short, by outsourcing ad ops and focusing purely on content, my income skyrocketed thanks to their full-service approach.

Monumetric does have a 10,000 pageview monthly minimum to enroll. This threshold ensures advertisers reach a sizable audience. If you don’t have the traffic yet, read my guide on leveraging Pinterest to accelerate growth.

Once approved, the Pros of partnering with Monumetric include:

  • High ad revenue potential – Many publishers report doubling or more their earnings compared to other networks like Google AdSense
  • Personal support – Get paired with an ad ops expert for consultation and site optimization
  • Brand matching – They connect your site with relevant, high-paying advertisers in your niche
  • Non-intrusive ads – Focus is on sponsored posts/content rather than disruptive display units
  • Flexible placements – Your rep will strategically place ads without impacting the UX


  • 10,000 monthly view minimum – Sites with lower traffic cannot join the network
  • $99 one-time setup fee if under 80,000 pageviews
  • 60-day payment terms – Longer payout period compared to some networks
  • Limited publisher control – You rely fully on their team to manage the monetization
  • Potential content conflicts – Promoting sponsors’ messaging may not always align with your site’s tone/values

For qualified publishers seeking hands-off, high-value monetization at scale, Monumetric is a runaway winner. Let their team do the heavy lifting while you focus entirely on content and audience.

6. Ezoic

Ezoic offers a compelling alternative ad solution compared to networks like Mediavine and AdThrive. Their global advertiser base and AI-powered platform help publishers maximize earnings across geographies.

While many top display networks focus heavily on North American traffic, Ezoic has cultivated an expansive roster of international brands. So no matter where your readers reside, Ezoic can deliver localized, relevant ads to drive higher revenues.

Their strength also lies in advanced machine learning capabilities. Ezoic’s proprietary algorithms optimize ad layout in real-time to boost visibility and click-through rates. Hands-off automation makes hitting profit goals straightforward.  

With a clean, self-serve dashboard and dedicated support, Ezoic simplifies monetization:

Key Benefits:

– Increased earnings abroad via global ad inventory  

– Intuitive, automated reporting tools

– Technology enhances CPMs automatically

Main Downsides:

– 10,000 monthly visitor minimum requirement

For sites with a worldwide audience not primarily based in the U.S., Ezoic provides a turnkey system to maximize income. Their blend of global ad reach and smart automation offers a profitable path to monetizing cross-border traffic at scale.

7. Mediavine

Mediavine has emerged as a top-tier ad management platform for high-traffic publishers in lifestyle sectors. Their unique blend of robust technologies, brand partnerships, and community support empowers bloggers to maximize their incomes.

While Mediavine imposes a 50,000 monthly session minimum, they offer an aspirational monetization solution for established sites to elevate beyond AdSense earnings. I break down their exact requirements in a dedicated eligibility guide.

Once approved, publishers benefit tremendously from Mediavine’s speed and demand advantages:

  • Cutting-edge ad serving for faster load times
  • Access to top brand advertisers in competitive niches
  • Industry-leading 75% revenue share rates

Top benefits include:

  • Best-in-class CPM rates and fill rates
  • Lucrative sponsor content opportunities
  • Supportive online community forums
  • Proprietary fast-loading ad technologies

The only potential drawback is the considerable traffic minimum. But for blogs focusing on fashion, food, family, or travel themes able to meet the threshold, Mediavine delivers immense income upside.

8.  Adversal

Adversal offers a popular monetization option for mid-to-high-traffic publishers, blending display ads with content-style recommendations. With their set-it-and-forget-it income solution and GDPR compliance, Adversal checks all the boxes for seamless monetization.

Their platform serves both traditional display banners and native recommendations matching site content. With estimated earnings of up to $10-$20 RPM and a 10,000 monthly view minimum, Adversal can be hugely profitable for qualifying blogs.

Key advantages include:

  • Compliant with all EU regulations
  • User-friendly setup and management
  • Strong demand with brands and 100% fill rate
  • A mix of display and content-style recommendations

Potential drawbacks are:

  • Monthly view minimum of 50,000 page views
  • Payment threshold of $100

With simple integration, GDPR guarantees, and a blend of premium display ads and content recommendations serving huge ROI, Adversal simplifies hands-off monetization for established blogs. Their fuss-free platform and exclusive demand opportunities make them a leader for set-it-and-forget-it income.

9. Revcontent

Revcontent provides a content monetization solution focused on recommendations appearing post-article, rather than disruptive in-stream units. By accommodating traffic minimums and placements, they make it simple for mid-tier blogs to boost passive earnings.

Publishers can implement Revcontent’s widget to display contextually matched suggestions following blog content. The visually appealing units feel natural as follow-on reading, yet still convert exceptionally well.

Key strengths include:

  • Lower traffic minimum than most content networks
  • Unobtrusive user experience
  • Flexible implementation post-content, in videos, newsletters, etc
  • $100 minimum monthly payout

By strictly utilizing content recommendations, Revcontent’s platform maximizes income while providing a smooth user flow. For publishers averse to ad clutter yet seeking meaningful incremental revenue, Revcontent strikes an ideal balance.

And with their reasonable minimum specs and variety of guided placements, bloggers don’t need significant scale to benefit. Overall for mid-market sites, Revcontent simplifies no-fuss monetization without compromising site experience.

Sovrn provides an intuitive monetization solution for publishers focused on seamlessly inserting contextual text links into existing content. Like Infolinks, Sovrn scans posts to automatically identify and convert keywords to high-converting affiliate links or sponsored recommendations.

A major advantage is their ability to retroactively insert new affiliate partnerships or advertiser relationships into old content. Rather than needing to manually update backlogged posts, Sovrn dynamically does this on the fly.

Key strengths include:

– Automated contextual text links 

– Ability to insert affiliate links across old content

– $25 minimum payment threshold

– Works for sites in any niche

One potential drawback is their payment processing timelines – publishers must wait 90 days from the end of the earning month to receive payouts.

However, for site owners seeking hands-off contextual monetization directly through articles without layout interference, Sovrn delivers big results. The platform seamlessly infuses high-performing recommendations and partnerships to simultaneously provide a smooth reader experience and push incremental value.


For new bloggers just getting started with monetization, relying solely on top-tier ad networks like Google AdSense may not be realistic. Platforms like AdSense have strict eligibility requirements many entry-level sites can’t meet.

Luckily, numerous advertising platforms are welcoming fledgling publishers with open arms. These alternatives might lack the prestige of industry leaders, but they allow fresh blogs to start generating revenue right away.

The networks outlined above represent excellent options for beginner website owners eager to earn their first dollars online. While payouts may pale in comparison to AdSense revenues on high-traffic sites, every little bit counts when establishing an income stream. Over time, earnings can compound into something substantial.

I’d love to hear what other promising ad platforms are working for fellow entry-level bloggers and small independent publishers. If you’re monetizing a new site through a network not mentioned yet, please share your experiences in the comments!

And if you know any other new bloggers struggling to wring income out of lower traffic, sending this article their way can give them a running start. Getting over the initial revenue hurdle is when things start getting exciting, so let’s help fellow newcomers get there faster.

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