85+ High Quality Dofollow Backlinks List for Bloggers

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Building quality dofollow backlinks is vital for strengthening domain authority and increasing organic search traffic over time. As trusted indicators of credibility to search engines, secured inbound links from reputable sites lift rankings significantly.

If new to SEO, this process boosts your website’s ability to surface for relevant keyword queries. If already optimizing, you understand the lasting value backlinks offer.

Dofollow Backlinks List
Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are incoming links to a webpage that pass on link juice or equity from the source page to the destination page. Unlike nofollow links, dofollow links allow search engines to crawl the URLs and pass on authority that can help pages rank better in search engines.

Some key things to know about dofollow backlinks:

  • Dofollow links pass on link equity because they do not use the nofollow attribute, which tells search engines not to follow or pass equity to the linked page.
  • Getting dofollow backlinks from high authority and relevant sites to your pages helps improve their search rankings, as some link equity and authority is transferred.
  • These backlinks also drive referral traffic to your site and help establish domain authority and trust.
  • Gaining natural, organic dofollow links through content promotion, outreach, and branding has far more SEO value than manipulated or paid links.
  • Too many low-quality dofollow links at once can sometimes be seen as suspicious by search engines. Moderation is key.

Dofollow backlinks remain one of the strongest trust and ranking signals for SEO if acquired properly. They pass on link juice and should be an integral part of most content promotion strategies.

Here’s a detailed overview of how dofollow backlinks work:

  1. Link Building A website links to your website page and does not add the “nofollow” attribute to the link HTML. This can happen naturally or be a result of outreach and acquisition efforts.
  2. Crawling Search engine bots, like Google, crawl the web and find this new link pointing to your page. As there is no “nofollow” tag, they are allowed to follow the link.
  3. Indexing The search engine registers the page being linked to reads its content and metrics, and saves it in its index database for potential ranking.
  4. Equity Transfer The search engine transfers some link equity or “juice” from the linking webpage to your page. The amount depends on the authority of the site linking to you.
  5. Rank Boost In its algorithm, the search engine uses this new signal to assess the value of your page. If found relevant, your rankings are boosted for associated terms and keywords, driving more organic traffic.
  6. Repeat The entire process repeats with each new dofollow link built, allowing compounding ranking and traffic results over time. More high-quality links mean a greater boost.

So in essence, dofollow links act as “votes” to make search engines view your page as more valuable in the eyes of others on the web. This translates to higher rankings and organic visibility.

Here are some of the key benefits of acquiring dofollow backlinks:

  1. Increased Rankings Dofollow links pass on link equity and help pages perform better for target keywords in search engines like Google. More high-quality dofollow links mean more ranking power.
  2. Referral Traffic Quality sites linking to you can send new visitors to your website through clicks on those links. This adds to your overall traffic.
  3. Trust and Credibility
    Dofollow links help establish domain authority and serve as votes of confidence. They show your site is trustworthy.
  4. Brand Visibility Getting links from authoritative and relevant industry websites helps increase awareness and exposure for your brand.
  5. Site Structure Credibility Internal dofollow links between the pages on your site make your site structure seem natural and reliable to search engines.
  6. Compounding Returns Unlike one-time strategies, dofollow links continue sending equity and readers long after being built. Their value compounds over time.

By contributing to higher rankings, more traffic, greater trust, reduced bounce rates, and increased audience outreach, dofollow links remain one of the most crucial investments for sustainable SEO success and growth.

Here are some best practices for properly acquiring quality dofollow backlinks:

  1. Create Linkworthy Assets Build assets like tools, online apps, research reports, infographics, how-to guides, etc that sites would want to naturally link to.
  2. Prioritize Quality over Quantity Get links slowly from reputable and high-authority domains in your niche rather than quickly amassing a large number of low-quality links.
  3. Outreach Strategically Identify and manually connect with niche site owners, bloggers, and industry partners who could benefit from your content assets and be likely to link out.
  4. Promote Socially Share your best linkworthy content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook groups, Reddit, and relevant forums to garner interest.
  5. Publish Quality Guest Posts
    Write and publish guest articles on complementary websites that drive links back to your money pages or site content.
  6. Build Relationships Focus on building connections with influencers, partners, and publications over time to drive links rather than quick link building.
  7. Monitor New Opportunities Stay on top of link prospects like directory listings, contributed articles, and link insertion opportunities across the web.

The key is gaining dofollow links slowly from relevant sites in an ethical, white-hat manner. Patience and persistently making quality content are what drive sustainable results.

Here are the top methods to get quality dofollow backlinks:

  1. Create Linkworthy Content – Develop in-depth content assets like guides, tools, research reports, etc. that provide value and that websites would want to link to.
  2. Outreach to Industry Websites – Identify and manually connect with webmasters and influencers to see if they would be interested in linking to your content. Build relationships over time.
  3. Guest Post Outreach – Pitch and write high-quality articles for complementary websites where you can get a bio link back to your site. Focus on strong niche fits.
  4. Promote Socially – Share your best pieces of content across social platforms and engage followers to drive interest and links. Participate in discussions.
  5. Get Listed on Directories – Register your website and key pages on relevant industry directories and niche listing sites to acquire backlinks.
  6. Web 2.0s – Develop optimized user-profiles and post content on Web 2.0 platforms like Medium, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. which allow dofollow links.
  7. Sponsor Events or Pages – Sponsor relevant industry events, conventions, or charity pages in exchange for dofollow links and brand exposure.

The key is to build links slowly over time by creating assets that sites in your space would find valuable and want to reference on their own through a link. Quality over quantity.

Here are a few easy methods to check whether backlinks pointing to your website pages are dofollow or nofollow:

  1. Use a backlink analysis tool like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or Moz. These tools crawl backlinks and provide dofollow/nofollow tagging status. Just enter your URL and filter on dofollow links.
  2. Manually check page source codes. Open the page linking to you, Ctrl + F to find your link, and inspect the <a> anchor text to see if there is a rel=”nofollow” attribute present. No-tag = dofollow link.
  3. Browser Extensions like Check My Links, BacklinkChecker, and LinkMiner instantly show whether a given page linking to you has nofollow tags or not. Easy for one-off link checks.
  4. Use screaming frog crawler to bulk crawl and extract all pages linking to your site. Load these URLs and highlight dofollow links. Useful for large review jobs.
  5. Submit your URL to Linkody and CrossRef.org which reveal all pages linking to you including dofollow or nofollow attributes for each.

Essentially, backlink analysis tools and link checkers provide the easiest way to surface dofollow links at scale. But manual inspection can also quickly validate link attributes page-by-page. Choose the approach that fits your needs.

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Choose the dofollow backlinks that make the most sense for your company by going through our collection of the greatest ones!

Here are some tips for acquiring backlinks on reputable websites:


Zintro connects experts with jobs and networking opportunities. When creating your business profile, include a description of your expertise and services along with a natural anchor text link back to your website.


GoodFirms features IT and software companies. Sign up to create a listing that spotlights your business offerings. Make sure to add your website URL so visitors can learn more.


SelfGrowth fosters personal development discussions where you can register a profile. Share your knowledge and experience around self-improvement topics while linking back to content on your own site.


G2 helps businesses discover technology solutions. Develop an accurate profile of your product or service offerings. The platform makes it easy to incorporate a website link to help site visitors continue their research.


Index operates a large business directory. Sign up to list your company profile with a descriptive overview of what you provide. Include a relevant link so indexed profiles point visitors to your website.

The key is crafting optimized profiles that genuinely inform readers while linking back to your site as a helpful resource – not just to build links. Provide unique value with your presence.

Here are some recommendations for sharing content and linking back to your website:


AllTop aggregates top posts by genre. Submit your best articles for inclusion in your industry category. If featured, you’ll get a backlink and an expanded audience.


Flipboard lets you share articles in themed magazines. Curate content and re-publish your blog posts natively to send readers back to your website through links. Avoid duplicating articles already on your site.


Leverage about.me’s large community by contributing unique insights, blogs, and resources with a website link for reference. Use relevant anchor text to provide value for readers.


Sign up for Refind to share worthwhile content and organically link back to related pages on your own site. Align shared articles with your site’s topical focus.


PRLog offers press release distribution. Draft an informative release for your brand and include a natural website link. Publish releases routinely to build an audience and referral traffic.

The focus should be on sharing top-notch, original content instead of spamming links. Provide genuine value to each community with helpful resources directing audiences to learn more on your owned channels.

Here are some recommendations for creatives and brands looking to build quality backlinks by sharing images:


Pexels offers free stock photos. Establish a contributor profile with a website link. Upload any unutilized brand images to expand reach.


Join Unsplash’s high-quality image database. Craft a profile with a useful website link and upload relevant branded visuals.


Build a 500px profile to connect with photographers. Share portfolio images or creative brand assets with an integrated website link. You retain ownership.


Showcase your best graphic work like branding, packaging, infographics or photos on Behance. Link to related website pages to drive traffic.

The focus should be contributing value through original, brand-relevant images instead of spam links. Provide audiences with visually engaging resources that direct them to learn more at your owned channels through organic links. Quality over quantity.

Here are some recommendations for startups looking to build quality backlinks:


Join StartupBlink’s global community. Craft an informative profile overview with a website link to aid SEO.

Startup Ranking

List your startup to get discovered by investors. Include an accurate website link so they can learn more.

Startup Europe Club

European founders can profile their companies. Offer a website link to provide key business details.

Startup Buffer

Develop an engaging startup profile on Startup Buffer’s directory. Add a useful website link for visitors.


Connect with potential funders on Vator. Linking to your website helps them better evaluate your venture.


Showcase your business to Angel List’s community. Allow investors to easily access information through a website link.


Get featured on Launched’s startup index. Link back to your website so new visitors can continue researching.


Leverage Gust’s platform to highlight your startup. Linking to your owned website provides key insights.


Join Startus’ startup community. Link back to your website to share company details.

Snap Munk

Submit a profile to get listed by Snap Munk. Incorporate a website link so investors can learn more.

The focus should be on informative profiles that organically direct interested parties to your website through valuable links – not on manipulative link-building tactics.

Here are some recommendations for utilizing review platforms to organically link back to your website:


Have satisfied clients post project reviews on Clutch highlighting your services. This showcases credibility while linking back to your site.

IT Central Station

Share honest reviews for solutions you use while listing your own to garner feedback and quality backlinks. Keep website links relevant.

Crowd Reviews

Submit your software for crow-sourced reviews. Transparent user feedback earns trust and referral traffic through your link.


Sign up to gather genuine customer reviews. Positive experiences that reference your website via links can boost SEO.

The focus should be on building brand credibility by delivering excellent services and transparency – not on artificial reviews and manipulative links. Let your work speak for itself to earn featured website links. User value must come first.

Local business listings refer to having your company information included on various online directories and citation sites. Getting listed on these sites can help people find and learn about your local business. Additionally, local listings that link back to your website can provide valuable backlinks and help search engines recognize your business.

Some noteworthy local listing sites to consider claiming and optimizing include:

Google My Business – While not a direct backlink, having a complete Google My Business listing lends credibility in Google’s eyes and can increase local search visibility and drive website traffic.

Yelp – Getting listed and reviewed on Yelp makes your business discoverable locally and can bring a backlink to your site. Great for promotion.

MapQuest – Having your business pinned on MapQuest allows more users to locate your physical address. Be sure to provide key business details and link to your homepage.

ThumbTack – This listing site enables both customer discovery and bookings right on the platform. You can showcase your services, solutions, and contact info while reaching new local audiences.

The key is to completely fill out and optimize these listings to take advantage of all the local SEO and visibility benefits they offer. Maintaining accurate, up-to-date information and links across top directories remains an impactful strategy.

Online marketplaces offer opportunities to boost organic visibility and traffic to your website. By listing products for sale and optimizing with targeted keywords, you can enhance SEO and rankings while earning additional income.

Some creative marketplaces worth listing on include:

Creative Market – Create a seller profile with your website details and links. Post vector artwork, templates, graphics, and more for sale to increase discovery and potentially make money. Links back to your site from profile and product listings can aid SEO.

VECTEEZY – Uploading and selling vector images, illustrations, and designs on this popular marketplace enables both backlink building and added revenue streams. For creative agencies or in-house design teams with availability, contributing quality vector artwork is a win-win. Designers get experience, companies get links and exposure.

Leveraging marketplaces aligns with an integrated digital strategy. Not only can you generate direct sales, but done right the organic benefits from crafted listings and built-in audience reach can compound over time through elevated authority and better search performance. The key is optimizing profiles and products for maximum visibility and impact.

Leveraging popular social media platforms to earn backlinks can significantly boost website traffic and search engine rankings. As these sites have engaged users and visitors that can flow to your own site, the backlinks are continuously clicked and recur value.

Some quality social platforms to create profiles, engage, and link back to your website include:

Coub – Upload entertaining video content and fill out your profile linking back to your site. Backlinks from video descriptions and your profile on this platform reach viral audiences.

Minds – This open network allows you to register a profile and distribute owned content similarly to Facebook. Include your website details and links in your active profile.

Reddit – For driving discussion and feedback, Reddit communities offer opportunities to provide value and input while profiling your brand and content via your profile bio and comments.

Houzz – For architecture, design, and construction brands, create idea books and engage in this thriving community while linking your website to your descriptive profile.

Meetup – Organize or sponsor local events around specific interests while exposing your brand and website to applicable audiences.

The key goal is to align your participation and value-add closely with each platform’s focus and ecosystem. Providing unique, engaging social content and commentary suited to each community leads to authority building and related website clicks. Maintaining credible profiles and presence pays recurring dividends.

Sharing quality video content on external platforms can earn valuable backlinks to improve your website’s search engine rankings. As video continues gaining priority for both users and algorithms, distributing multimedia assets widens discovery potential.

Some video platforms enabling both exposure and attained backlinks:

DailyMotion – Uploading and optimizing videos here facilitates sharing with interested viewers. Include links back to related website content in the description section of each published video.

DISTILL – While relinquishing copyrights, contributors can get a backlink citation to their site or portfolio in exchange for unique footage. Consider providing unused video assets.

VIDEEZY – Similarly, this Creative Commons platform allows video submitters to link back to their website as the content’s listed creator/owner. Drive views while attracting visitors.

The wider the reach for your video assets the better in terms of visibility and traffic. In addition to hosting media on your own site, leveraging platforms already aligned with your target audiences pays dividends through both referral website clicks and improved authority signaling. Optimizing your multimedia presence facilitates organic growth across channels.

Crowdfunding platforms enable raising capital for projects while building quality backlinks to strengthen SEO. By participating as a campaign organizer or contributor, you can promote your business and website to engaged audiences.

Top crowdfunding sites to consider include:

Kickstarter – Launching a compelling campaign here allows you to showcase your idea to potential funders. Embed your site link within the campaign landing page and updates to benefit from a strong backlink.

Indiegogo – Similarly, submit an early-stage concept to validate demand while earning a high domain rating link from this prominent platform.

WeMakeIt – Share your project for possible funding and include your website details in the campaign listing for direct visibility and a valuable backlink.

The key is crafting campaign details that resonate with each site’s communities to drive engagement. Well-structured projects aligning with each platform’s focus can reach more supportive contributors. This expands website referral traffic as your business gains more exposure through funded initiatives and organizer profile links.

Whether launching or backing compelling campaigns, crowdfunding participation raises your profile while earning quality backlinks from reputable marketplaces. The recurring visibility and SEO gains provide lasting value beyond fundraising itself.

Listing your software across specialized directories offers opportunities to secure impactful backlinks while expanding visibility. By showcasing your solutions to engaged audiences seeking recommendations, you can elevate authority and organic growth.

Recommended software directories include:

SaaS Genius – Creating a detailed profile highlighting your software’s value proposition allows embedding a link directly back to your site.

We Suggest Software – Submit for a selective review process enabling a coveted backlink upon approval and listing. Emphasize compatibility and unique capabilities.

Crunchbase – This far-reaching business directory enables discovering relevant solutions while linking your own. Optimize entries with keywords and clear messaging.

AlternativeTo – Distinguished from competitors within this directory while linking back to your website. Head-to-head comparisons prompt purchase consideration.

The most important thing is crafting directory profiles that speak to each platform’s visitors and decision-makers. Well-designed pages with compelling descriptions command attention, clicks, and comparator preference. Over time, secured backlinks compound with heightened visibility to lift organic rankings.

Website comments present opportunities to organically obtain impactful backlinks while sharing expertise. By contributing thoughtful remarks with links to your content, you direct motivated traffic back to your site from quality domains.

Valuable commenting venues include:

NewsRoom WCS – Align observations or advice back to articles with a relevant embedded link. Ensure your website focus matches their industry coverage.

TechNoFAQ – Participate in technical discussions by answering questions or providing tutorials. Reference supporting materials from your site by linking in comments.

The key is crafting comments tailored specifically to each article or post subject matter. Share additional context, resources, and perspectives the audiences care about. Choose anchor text carefully to describe what you linked for click appeal.

Over time, secured comment backlinks signal you and your business as trusted authorities on covered topics. As site visitors click through to access your linked content, traffic and awareness build cumulatively. The outcome is enjoying the recurring visibility dividends from being an engaged, value-adding discussion member.

Active online communities provide impactful platforms to organically promote your website through shared expertise and participation. By contributing content and commentary valued by engaged audiences, you drive recurring traffic while building authority.

Compelling community sites worth engaging with include:

Odyssey – Showcase articles here as a creator to earn backlinks and potential revenue shares. Visually embed links in posts or lists in your profile.

CodeProject – Join developer discussions to share coding tips and best practices. Reference tutorials or resources by linking in your comments and public profile.

The goal is to craft posts and remarks highly relevant to each community’s interests. Provide genuine value through your contributions instead of overly self-promotional links. Over time, earned backlinks directing interested visitors to your website compound with exponentially greater visibility and referral traffic.

Leveraging communities aligned with your business amplifies reach and resonance. As long-term members recognize your expertise, site visitors who click your links fuel the ongoing growth of your audience and influence.

Link directories provide direct opportunities to build backlinks by freely submitting your URL or content. As quality sites reference and index submissions, you expand visibility and authority with relevant audiences.

Effective directories to consider include:

OnToplist – Freely list your website after placing a listing badge for improved credibility. Paid expedited inclusion is also available.

AllFreeThings – Upload resources like ebooks and cheat sheets to incentivize link clicks while showcasing your brand.

ProLinkDirectory – Share topical articles summarizing your expertise while linking back to key website pages for context.

The most important things are choosing directories aligned with your focus area and completely filling out profiles and submissions. Provide as much value as possible to site visitors to build goodwill and earn referral traffic.

Over time, quality links from reputable properties compound, signaling to search engines your relevance and expertise. Captured backlinks ultimately lift your organic rankings across search engines and verticals. The outcomes are heightened visibility and more qualified website visitors.

Online portfolios enable creatively showcasing your brand, capabilities and expertise while directly linking to your website. As an engaging format capturing attention, embedding backlinks within listed projects and profile details lifts discovery and authority.

Compelling portfolio platforms to link from include:

ISSUU – Upload previous work samples or proposals as sharable documents with your website link featured prominently.

Parchment – Craft an online CV summarizing key background, accomplishments and services. Hyperlink areas of interest.

Crevado – Build custom galleries highlighting successful initiatives and past client results. Connect imagery back to your site.

The goal is to convey what makes your business or offerings unique through the portfolio narrative and visuals themselves. This captivates visitor attention before they choose to follow embedded links.

Over time, as growing audiences discover and click through to your website, the benefits compound – more referral traffic, elevated authority signals, and improved organic visibility from captured backlinks. Portfolios distribute value widely.

Industry-specific forums enable engaging with motivated audiences to provide value and secure backlinks. As communities discuss specialized topics, targeted participation expands visibility and drives referral traffic.

Compelling forums for niche link building include:

LiveJournal – Share distinct perspectives aligned to discussion categories. Link in your visible profile to website resources.

Slashdot – Contribute news and analyses on trending subjects as an industry thought leader. Reference supporting materials.

Joomla – Showcase expertise within developer-centric technical conversations. Embed links within advice illustrating real-world cases.

The focus should be regularly adding value through informed commentary without overly self-promotional links. Over time you become a trusted community member and resource. The outcome is earning recurring clicks from followers interested in your website’s content.

With niche forums closely matching target demographics, earned backlinks reach engaged visitors more likely to convert. The combined benefits of heightened visibility, improved authority signals and direct referral traffic compound exponentially.

Job boards and talent marketplaces offer native opportunities to organically showcase and link to your website by listing open positions. Featuring detailed company overviews builds credibility while securing direct backlinks.

Compelling platforms to post roles and profiles include:

Remote – Outline available opportunities and your employer brand. Links attract candidates and signal authority.

Idealist – Enrich nonprofit volunteer calls to action by summarizing your mission and successes.

Dice – Convey tech team culture to align with in-demand skillsets and drive applications.

The focus should be catering content – responsibilities, prerequisites, and selling points – to resonate with each site’s talent demographics. Go beyond the job specifics to compellingly convey your workplace environment and values.

Over time, invested candidates will click through to fully explore your website and offerings. The more thoroughly your employer brand resonates, the more interest and traffic you generate beyond the candidates themselves. Bolstered authority improves search visibility.

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