Best Plagiarism Checkers to Make a New Blog Post in 2024

By Bhargab
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If you are looking for Best Plagiarism Checkers Tool to check your content plagiarism, this article is for you with detail information about Best Plagiarism Checkers.

Catching plagiarism is critical whether you’re a student, writer, researcher or professional. Thankfully, there are now handy and effective plagiarism checkers available that integrate directly in Google Docs for seamless scanning as you write your documents.

In this post, we explore the top 3 plagiarism checkers for Google Docs based on accuracy, compatibility, and usefulness in flagging copied or unoriginal content. Continue reading to boost your productivity and ensure your written works are original.

1.Quetext Plagiarism Checker

Quetext Plagiarism Checker
Best Plagiarism Checkers

Our top pick is Quetext which offers a dedicated add-on that works within Google Docs to check for plagiarism errors and citations issues. Simply install the Quetext add-on and you can run checks on the fly as your write, getting real-time feedback on potential plagiarism or improper source usage.

Quetext’s integration allows you to fix problems immediately without switching between tools or documents. It highlights sentences and phrases that may be unoriginal, letting you rewrite or cite sources on the spot. For ultimate productivity in verifying originality from within Google Docs, Quetext is the top solution.

2.Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker
Best Plagiarism Checkers

Dupli Checker has an extension available for Docs enabling you to easily check Google documents for duplicate content across websites and journals. Results display percentages of how much text matches other online sources.

Clicking on matches gives you more context into the original text it identified on other sites. This helps guide your rewriting. For a plagiarism tool tightly integrated into your Docs workflow, Dupli Checker is highly capable add-on.

3.Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

Best Plagiarism Checkers: Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo
Best Plagiarism Checkers

Prepostseo offers a Google Docs plagiarism checker focusing specifically on academic use cases for students and researchers. It delivers quick results on content overlap with scholarly sources and checks for proper citing.

The add-on also provides helpful tips as you write on improving citations, paraphrasing better and tightening up sentence structure. For an assistant tailored for academic work while composing in Google Docs, Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo delivers excellent value.

How important really is it to check your Content by plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism checking your content is extremely important for several crucial reasons:

Maintain Your Reputation

Getting caught publishing copied or unoriginal content can severely damage your reputation as a writer, journalist, blogger, or student. Even if plagiarism is unintentional, readers lose trust in you as a reliable source of quality content. Running plagiarism checks helps protect your hard-earned reputation.

Avoid Legal Issues

Passing off work that predominantly uses others’ IP without permission or citation opens you up to potential copyright infringement claims. These legal issues can be costly both financially and in reputation. Effective plagiarism checking minimizes legal risks.

Boost Search Visibility

Search engines like Google penalize thin or duplicated content with lower rankings. Checking your pages with plagiarism tools ensures you meet originality thresholds for search visibility. Unique, engaging content performs better in results.

Improve Your Skills

Plagiarism checkers identify sentences needing paraphrasing or citations. Fixing these issues strengthens your summarization, research, and writing abilities over time as you compose genuinely original analysis. Think of them like writing coaches!

Save Major Headaches

Finding out about plagiarism issues after publishing is a huge hassle requiring corrections and apologies. Nipping them during drafting with plagiarism tools prevents massive headaches down the road.

Running plagiarism checks is essential for every writer or content creator’s process. The minimal extra effort provides enormous upside in safeguarding your reputation, visibility, skills and peace of mind!

Is Plagiarism Checker Accurate?

Plagiarism checkers can be highly accurate in identifying unoriginal content if you choose the right tool and understand their capabilities. Here are some key points on getting accurate plagiarism detection:

Use Google-Integrated Tools

Plagiarism checkers that leverage Google’s advanced search algorithms like Quetext and DupliChecker tend to deliver high accuracy in flagging overlaps. Google’s web index enhances their duplication finding capabilities.

Set Appropriate Match Settings

Tools allow customizing sensitivity for what constitutes a match. Setting parameters too broadly or narrowly can skew accuracy. Experiment to find optimal text duplication settings for your use case.

Supplement With Human Review

No algorithm is foolproof, so combine plagiarism tool scans with some spot checking yourself. Review flagged sentences to determine if citations or rewriting are truly needed based on context.

Check Various Source Types

Some checkers focus on web sources, others check academic databases or previous student works. Evaluate your content against relevant sources to fully confirm originality.

Update Scans Frequently

Run scans whenever adding significant new written content so matches stay current. Updated plagiarism reports boost accuracy as drafts evolve towards publishing.

The right software customized properly serves as an incredibly accurate ally in creating fully original works free of excessive duplication issues. They add immense confidence that your voice shines through.

Pros and Cons for Best Plagiarism Checkers

Using a plagiarism checker has both advantages and some potential downsides to consider:


  • Catches uncited text or paraphrasing issues
  • Helps improve citation practices
  • Filters save time checking many sources
  • Identifies passages needing better summarization
  • Boosts academic paper originality
  • Reduces risk of legal issues or penalties
  • Some integrate directly in word processors
  • Automates plagiarism detection process


  • Accuracy varies across sentence types
  • Can incorrectly flag commonly used phrases
  • Doesn’t catch plagiarism across translated text
  • Limited to checking written copies it has access to
  • May result in over-citing due to paranoia
  • Costs money for the best checkers
  • Software can’t perform deep semantic analysis

The pros far outweigh the cons for most writers, researchers and students. Plagiarism checkers serve as handy aids in confirming your great ideas and analysis are phrased using your original wording. They maximize certainty around citation practices and minimize duplicative text risks many are not even aware of initially.

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